About us

Crafting embroidery experiences

We are family run business with a passion for historic needlework, based near the English Lake District. We create historically-accurate needlework kits and host immersive needlework experiences in the UK.

We truly believe in the transformative power of embroidery. The simple act of threading a needle and committing it to fabric can be mindful, collaborative and inspiring all at once. In our experience Needlework is a catalyst for creativity, great relationships and a profound sense of individual peace. 

We want you to love needlework, understand it, practice it, be confident with it, experience its wonder and use it to reach a deeper level of creativity and self-expression. We are excited to start a visual dialogue, learn about you, and make something beautiful together.

Our Mission

We want to foster the conditions in which needlework can thrive – where enthusiasts can enjoy it and creative professionals can derive a genuine and sustainable business from it. In this way we will all contribute to the development of needlework as an art form.

Our Vision

We believe deeply in shared value and that our activities should impact positively on those around us; that the value we create should grow the ‘whole’, and that the talented needlework stakeholders – tutors, conservators, and custodians – should be empowered to prosper.

The Lady Anne's
Needlework Festivals

The Lady Anne’s Needlework Festivals are carefully curated experiences focusing on historic needlework from the time of Lady Anne Clifford, a local hero in our area whose life spanned a fascinating period for textiles. Our online events are a natural progression of our Lady Anne’s Needlework Retreats, which we have hosted all over the UK and Ireland for over 15 years. These immersive tours and retreats are led by Phillipa and other embroidery specialists and tutors, and are widely considered a bucket list essential for anyone wishing to take their needlework to the next level.

Like our tours and retreats, this festival will combine hand-embroidery tuition, specialist lectures, and private visits to castles where we will view historic embroidery and explore the original techniques, beautiful designs and fascinating history which influence and inform modern embroidery.

Crewel Work Company embroidery kits

You might know us better for our range of historically-accurate crewel embroidery kits featuring designs from the Elizabethan, Jacobean and Arts & Crafts periods. Phillipa has been a crewel work specialist and tutor for over 30 years and for her, all roads lead back to this beautiful, bold and extravagant form of embroidery. 

Like everything we do, achieving the highest quality experience is paramount. This means our kits are supplied with the highest quality materials so that you can achieve the best possible result from your stitching. Our beautiful designs, exclusive ‘Z’ Twist ‘Jacobean linen twill, gold-plated polished crewel needles and our fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions will have you hooked in no time.