All about Zoom.


By now many of us have become accustomed to connecting with friends and family through the miracle that is social media. It has become our lifeline, our connection to the outside world.

And as we have tried to embraced this new world, I am sure like me you have been introduced to Zoom (either by choice or sheer persistence by family members!)

For those of you who have managed to escape this technology, which has risen to fame during the pandemic, it is a video conferencing tool that allows people from all over the world to connect with high quality video and audio.

We are not the experts, but since we will be using Zoom to deliver our online Lady Anne’s Needlework Festival, we wanted to share some information with you to help inspire those of you who are feeling nervous about giving it a go.

We start by recommending this YouTube video. We love the way Marcia clearly and simply explains how Zoom works and how to join your first call!

Our second suggestion is to join our FREE livestream with Phillipa, which will be hosted on 14th April 2021. This is a unique opportunity to try out a new way of connecting with our dedicated community – and a chance for Phillipa and all of you to see how fun and engaging learning a craft online can be. We will share details of this special event in the next few weeks.

If you are still unsure, please know that each of our online classes will feature a Class Monitor to help you and the tutor with any technical issues or questions.

We really look forward to connecting with you in May!

Happy Stitching from all of us at the Lady Anne’s Needlework Festival team!

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