Introducing our 2022 Festival Tutors: Natalie Dupuis


After our May 2021 Festival we asked you all who we should invite to our next Festival, and Natalie was top of your list! And at our first meeting with her, we instantly understood why! Natalie’s warmth, knowledge and passion shone through and we were excited to have her on board.
Before our January event, we caught up with Natalie to hear more about her needlework journey and to get to know her a little better.

Why and how did you become a needlework tutor? Did anyone or thing, in particular, inspire you? 

My needlework journey began as a teenager when I took sewing classes. I loved unique fabrics and made myself a figure skating dress and an outfit from curtains à la Maria von Trapp. Embroidery in particular started when I moved in with an aunt at 17 and she showed me how to do needlepoint. When I was pregnant I wanted to make handmade items that could become heirlooms for my babies. Thus, I started to take my needlework hobby seriously and learned many techniques which lead to teaching as well.

What is your main needlework interest? 

Goldwork without a doubt

Do you have a favourite stitch? 

The Humbly Magnificent Couching Stitch

If you had to choose one needlework possession to save in a fire, what would it be?  

My slate frame for sure, it has held so many beautiful projects that give me lovely memories

When developing your designs, which activity takes the most time? 

Drawing the design outline, as this is all done by hand

How much time do you spend stitching each day?  

A few hours each day, wish it could be more!

What is the best piece of advice about needlework you have been given and can share with our students?  

You don’t have to have a diploma in art or needlework to be good at what you do. You just need drive and practice.

What advice would you give to students to get the most out of their workshop experience?  

Be mindful of what you do. Think about why you are using particular materials / stitches and try them out on a waste cloth before you work on your final design

Have you taught at Phillipa and Laura’s retreats before? 

No, this is my first time!

Thank you Natalie for your time and energy, we look forward to you joining us at the Lady Anne’s Needlework Festivals in 2022. 

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