Lady Anne’s Needlework Festival · NOW ONLINE IN 2021!

Our Covid-19 Statement

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty cast over any large-scale event taking place in the near or long-term future, we have specific policies in place for those wishing to book classes for the Lady Anne’s Needlework festival, due to take place in July 2021.

While we hope very much that our event will not be affected by the pandemic given that it is still a year away, we have to consider that no-one knows yet what the long-term fall out from the pandemic will be. As such, for the time being we will require those who wish to book a place on the festival, to pay a £50 deposit ONLY. Balance payments on all selected activities will be delayed until we can be more certain that the event can go ahead in 2021.

If it turns out that it is prudent to postpone the event due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19, we will hold it on the same, or nearly the same, dates in 2022. We have contingencies in place for this eventuality. Any payments made up to that point, including deposits, can either be refunded or transferred to the future dates as preferred.

This is a contingency only and, all being well, we do aim to host the event as planned in 2021. We hope that the delaying of payment removes any concerns about committing to our event in this time of unprecedented uncertainty, and it allows you to enjoy the process of choosing your classes.

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