Jenny Adin-Christie​

Jenny Adin-Christie

United Kingdom

Jenny is a full-time freelance professional hand embroiderer, designer and tutor, renowned internationally for the intricate features, impeccable details and perfect finishing of her pieces. She specialises in historically inspired Metal Thread Embroidery, Stumpwork and Whitework. She trained on the Royal School of Needlework’s intensive Apprenticeship, graduating with distinction in 1999, and continuing to work at the RSN for 10 years, where she experienced work on a broad range of commissions of national significance.

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Jenny's designs are ingenious and her kits are executed with incredible attention to detail. She never fails to amaze.

Jenny's Past Workshops

Elizabethan Mitten & Gauntlet

During this workshop students created an Elizabethan-style child’s mitten with extravagantly embroidered gauntlet in Silkwork, Goldwork, and Stumpwork.

Inspired by an early 16th Century pattern book in the Bodleian Library. Class time concentrated on embroidering the gauntlet panel, the mitten to be constructed at home.

Wordsworth's Harp

Originally developed and taught by Jenny for the 2018 Spring Residential Retreat in the Lake District.

This harp-shaped objet d’art is a celebration of our most treasured and essential tool, the needle. Not only does the harp serve as a convenient and delightful holder for a bespoke set of 26 tapered needles, but it’s embellishment along its structure, elevates them to celestial heights.

The Wordsworth Harp features a range of beautiful silk and metal threads, in a variety of surface embroidery techniques, all of which would have been used during the Victorian period.

The Blackwell Roundel

Originally developed and taught by Jenny for the 2017 Spring Residential Retreat in the Lake District.

This project was inspired by the understated elegant design and tranquil environment of the ‘White Drawing Room’ at Blackwell House, which overlooks Lake Windermere in the Lake District, UK. Blackwell’s interior is a gem of Arts and Crafts architectural design, retaining the majority of its original features to this day.

The Blackwell Roundel is inspired by the radiating structure and natural pattern forms of the carvings in the White Room, and uses colours taken from the metalwork.

The completed embroidery is designed to be mounted within a wooden box whose shape typifies a form used widely in the Arts and Crafts period. The feet of the box are of blued steel, picking up the peacock colouring of the tiled fireplace. The whole is designed to be used as a workbox, with pin cushion atop, which can be removed to reveal a storage tray; a drawer at the base, and an opening cupboard at the back.

Beatrix's Fantasy Garden

Originally developed and taught by Jenny for the 2019 Spring Residential Retreat in the Lake District

For our 2019 retreat, Jenny designed Beatrix’s Fairytale Garden, which captures the author’s Lakeland home, Hill Top Farm.

The base of the design uses delicate layering of fine fabrics over tiny pieces of mica, which give the windows of the little stone farmhouse a shimmer.

The hand engraved brass frame surrounding the piece is inspired by the floral painted face of the 18th century longcase clock which stands in the entrance hall of Hill Top and which features in Beatrix’s illustrations for The Tailor of Gloucester.

The etched frame includes a rabbit as a nod to Beatrix’s love for these creatures and of course to her most famous character of all – Peter Rabbit.

A Lakeland Odyssey

Originally developed and taught by Jenny for the 2015 Arts & Crafts Residential Retreat in the Lake District

This design is inspired by the stunning landscape of the Lake District National Park in the north west of England, and by the quote by John Ruskin whose beloved Lakeland home was Brantwood, Coniston: