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Natalie Dupuis


Natalie was first introduced to needlework through a sewing class she took as a young teenager. When she later moved in with an aunt and took up needlepoint, her passion for the craft was cemented. As a trained teacher, Natalie now enjoys sharing her skill and experience with others and has transformed her needlework hobby into a thriving career, with a particular focus on the traditional art of or nué.

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Natalie's calm and friendly manner is sure to get even the most novice stitcher filled with confidence

Natalie's May 2022 Festival Workshops

Couching & Colour Theory Masterclass

N.American timezone: 7-10 May (4-10pm UK time)

Do you often wonder why certain colours work well together or how colour choice can impact overall perception of an embroidery? In this intermediate level class, students will explore colour theory from the basics of the colour wheel with its tints, tones and shades, colour schemes, Chevreul’s laws of simultaneous contrast, to mood recognition with high and low value keys, and a brief look into colour symbolism. 
During the course, students will begin work on a small sampler using Pipers silks and silver passing. All samples can be worked as one piece, or the colour wheel can be worked separately and turned into a brooch. Students will make notes as a reference point for future colour analysis.

Practical information

Length: 4 days
Level: Intermediate 

Class fee: £660 (including kit)

Workshop Pack Includes: Notebook, 2 squares of white linen, 2 squares of calico, pocket colour wheel, 27 reels of Pipers silks, silver passing, silver pearl purl, Swarovski sew on crystal, silver kid leather, silver brooch finding, clear nylon thread, circular mounting board, white felt, 14 x size 10 crewel needles, 1 x size 18 chenille needle, 1 curved beading needle, white sewing thread, strong buttonhole thread, paper printout of design.

Equipment requirements:
Stretcher bars or slate frame, stiletto, millimetre ruler, basic set of colouring pencils, white tissue paper to protect the fabric when working, low tack tape, beeswax

Goldwork Couching

Colour Wheel size: 
5 x 5 cm (2 x 2 in.)

Overall design size:
15 x 9 cm (6 x 4 in.)

Fabric size: 
Various pieces up to 50 x 50 cm (19½ x 19½ in)

Natalie's Past Festival Workshops

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight is a sparkling symmetrical design worked in the technique of goldwork, inspired by a motif found on a coif from the late 16th century.
Using succulent filament silks and gold metal threads, this design challenges students to attach thin layers of plate with precision spacing and then cover it with burden stitch in such a way that the strawberry retains a touch of gold and explores shading with light play. Couching of pearl purl and passing thread as well as chipping will provide the student with the opportunity to engage in small and precise needlework.