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Pippa Haynes

United Kingdom

Pippa has always been inspired by the natural world, which surrounds her in her rural Wiltshire home. She brings this love to life in her delicately crafted needlework designs. Her passion is to create 3 dimensional designs, which leave the viewer wondering if they are looking at an embroidery or the real thing. You can read our full interview with Pippa here.

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A creative young designer with heaps of talent, we are so excited to welcome Pippa this year!

Pippa's May 2022 Festival Workshops

Viola Hairpin

UK timezone: 4-6 May 2022 (9am-3pm UK time)
N.American timezone: 11-13 May 2022 (4-10pm UK time)

Inspired by the Violas that grow in my garden this class will work to create a 3D wearable Viola Hairpin. It will use Stumpwork techniques to create the shape, discussing what fabrics are best to use, double sided embroidery and using wire to create structure. It will also involve finishing in the form of learning how to attach the finished flower to a pre-made hairpin. 

The class will also cover the topic of thread painting and combining thread shades together to give a painterly look to the finished product.

Course outline:
Day 1 – Setting up frame, binding hoop, wiring up, thread painting intro
Day 2 – Thread painting, double sided stitching, embroidering piece.
Day 3 – Finishing embroidery, cutting out, mounting on pin.

Practical information

Length: 3 days
Level: Intermediate 

Class fee: £520 including kit

Workshop Pack Includes:
Gold plated hairpin, 7 DMC Cotton Threads, Wire, Voile, Hoop, Binding Tape, Booklet, Needles, Template, Felt

3D embroidery, Wiring up, Double Sided Embroidery, Thread Painting, Button Hole Stitch, Couching Down

Equipment requirements: Hoop stand, Lighting, Magnifying Glass if wanted, scissors, fine liner marker pen

Design size: 
6 x 6 cm (2¼ x 2¼ in)

Pippa's Past Festival Workshops

Stumpwork Parasol Mushroom

This class is inspired by the Parasol Mushroom which can often be found in woodlands and grassy areas.

This class incorporates a range of traditional and more modern Stumpwork techniques and is worked in stages to make it manageable. The final piece will be mounted into a beautiful wooden frame ready to hang on the wall.

It is an interesting way to study both Stumpwork techniques and an amazing natural object!