Lady Anne’s Needlework Festival · ONLINE 3-16 MAY 2021

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Auburn Claire Lucas​

Auburn Claire Lucas

United Kingdom

Auburn Claire Lucas is a talented young professional hand embroiderer who graduated from the Royal School of Needlework’s Future Tutor Programme in 2017. Her favourite embroidery techniques are Whitework, Stumpwork, Appliqué and Silk Shading and she has a passion for embroidery of the 18th century in particular. Auburn was our very first Lady Anne’s Needlework/RSN ‘New Talent’ and taught for us for the first time at the 2017 Spring Residential alongside Nicola Jarvis, Jenny Adin-Christie and Phillipa.

This exciting young embroiderer was our first Royal School of Needlework New Talent. We are thrilled to see her grow as a designer and tutor.

Auburn's Festival Workshops

Queen Amelia Sophia's Pinwheel

UK Time Zone: 3-4 May 2021

This Elizabethan Pinwheel is inspired by a bodice worn by Queen Amalia Sophia around 1640. Clasped hands signify friendship and a pansy for thoughtfullness.

During this live class Auburn will teach you how to embroider the hands, which are worked in tent stitch, the cuff petals, the pansy and leaves in silk shading, and the arms in Elizabethan braid stitch.

Practical information

Length: 2 days
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class fee (including kit): £370

Kit Includes:
Ground fabric, stranded cotton and silk threads, button and machine threads, gold passing, gold plate, gold smooth pearl, spangles, and step-by-step instruction booklet. Needles will also be provided. Pre-cut card to mount and make the pin wheel are also included

Elizabethan Stitches

Equipment required:
Two 8 inch wooden ring frames with stalks. Barrel clamp/seat/floor frame, embroidery scissors, Goldwork scissors, Mellor, velvet board, tweezers.

Design size:
Diametre 7 cm (2¾ in)

Ground size:
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14 in)