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Jessica Grimm​

Jessica Grimm


Jessica learned her embroidery skills during courses at The Royal School of Needlework and her academic skills whilst gaining a doctorate in archaeozoology. She regularly studies medieval needlework collections all over Europe. 

Jessica now teaches at the RSN, The National Silk Museum of China, and in the Netherlands and Germany, in her own studio in Bavaria and recently for our 2020 Lady Anne’s Spring Residential Retreat.

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Jessica is professional, calm, and extremely knowledgeable and is able to inspire her students to tackle embroidery way beyond their level

Jessica's Festival Workshops

14th Century Angel

5-6 July 2021

The Mechelen Antependium (altar cloth covering the front) was stitched in the early 14th century in either the Mosan region or the Germanic lands. It measures 82,5 x 186,5 cm and shows four scenes from the lives of the Saints Martin, Mark and John. The style of the design is Romanesque. The polychrome silk embroidery covers the linen background completely. The embroidery technique used is that of geometric needlepoint stitches based on Satin Stitch. It is therefore a counted thread technique, but without a chart (so students will choose how to fill each design element with the designated needlepoint pattern).

Practical information

Length: 2 days
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Class fee: £390
Kit: £40

Kit Includes:
Six colours of Chinese flat silk, Zweigart Bergen 46 ct linen with transferred design and instructions, needles

Five different Needlepoint patterns are present in this design. Some simple Surface Embroidery is used for the facial details.

Equipment required:
Slate frame, embroidery scissors, magnification

Design size:
23 x 23 cm (9 x 9 in)

Canvas size:
40 x 40 cm (15¾ x 15¾ in)

Choir of Angels

8-9 July 2021

This charming little scene was stitched in the third quarter of the 15th century in the Lower Rhine region. It shows a common scene of singing angels in silk with a typical golden ‘sun’ background all stitched on linen. Students will learn to use detailed long-and-short stitch for the embroidery of the angels and applying spirals of gilt passing thread for the background.

Practical information

Length: 2 days
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class fee: £390
Kit: £90

Kit Includes:
Silks, fabric with design transferred, gold thread, string padding, needles, bobbins and instructions

Long & Short Stitch and Couching

Equipment required:
Slate frame, embroidery and Goldwork scissors, magnification

Design size:
16 x 20.8 cm (6¼ x 8¼ in)

Fabric size:
40 x 40 cm (15¾ x 15¾ in)