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Michele Carragher​

Michele Carragher

United Kingdom

Michele Carragher is a London-based Hand Embroiderer, Illustrator, Textile Conservator who has been working in costume on Film and Television productions for over 20 years. She was Principal Costume Embroiderer was for HBO’s 2005 production of Elizabeth I for which the costumes were awarded an Emmy, and the HBO’s Game of Thrones which featured her award-winning costumes. Michele is a highly creative costume Hand embroiderer, and this lecture is for all of us who pressed the pause button and marvelled at the complexity and originality of her work.

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With her high-profile experience and unique style, Michele adds an exciting dimension to this festival

Michele's Festival Workshops

12, 13, 15 or 16 July 2021

In this special class students will learn and make the vital components needed to embellish a costume or any other textile surface needing a special, decorative touch. This Beetle design was inspired by the very special costumes created for film and television during Michele’s distinguished career.

Practical information

Length: 1 day
Level: All levels

Class fee: £195
Kit: £40

Kit Includes:
Materials plus step-by-step guide booklet

Costume special effects

Design size:
7.6 x 11.4 cm (3 x 4½ in)


Equipment required:
1 small, round embroidery hoops (4 or 5 inch). Small embroidery scissors, paper scissors, embroidery needles, beading needles, chenille needles, jewellery wire snippers, jewellery flat nose pliers, soft bead mat. Michele will loan a few spares in case someone doesn’t have their own