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Tanya Bentham​

Tanya Bentham

United Kingdom

A specialist in Medieval embroidery, Tanya’s designs are inspired by the embroidery techniques and naturally dyed fibres of that era. Tanya says it is the restrictions on the choice of colours she finds inspiring – as working this way ensures that creativity isn’t limited by “agonising over choices of colour” when there are so few colours to choose from.

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Tanya takes us deeper into the fascinating world of medieval embroidery.

Tanya's Festival Workshops

Three Hounds

11-13 July 2021

A workshop on laid and couched work, famously used for the Bayeux tapestry but also used for many other pieces throughout the middle ages. This image is based on a 14th Century manuscript illustration, and is worked in naturally dyed crewel wools on a wool canvas. The workshop will look at basic technique as well as refinements used to add interest. There will be an alternative design with cats offered for those who aren’t puppy lovers.

Practical information

Length: 3 days
Level: All Levels

Class fee: £585
Kit: £50

Kit Includes: 
Wool, canvas, naturally dyed wool, needle, handout

Laid & Couch Work (Bayeux)

Optional extra: 
Additional colour shades are available for £2.50 each

Equipment required: 
20 inch square frame (slate), embroidery scissors for metal and silk thread

Design size: 
25 x 25 cm (10 x 10 in)

Canvas size:
40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 in)

15-16 July 2021

This class will involve an intensive look at the techniques of High Medieval embroidery, focusing specifically of facial modelling, hair and underside couching

Practical information

Length: 2 days
Level: Advanced

Class fee: £390
Kit: £60

Kit Includes:
Canvas, handout, needle, flat silk thread, linen thread, metal thread

Opus Anglicanum

Optional extra: 
Basic frames can be made available at £10

Equipment required:
30 cm² slate frame (12 in²), embroidery scissors for metal and silk thread

Design size: 
10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 in)

Fabric size:
20 x 20 cm (7¾ x 7¾ in)